Let’s Get Naked with Urban Decay Naked 1, 2, AND 3!

I’m so excited to start my blog off with some of my FAVORITE neutral eye palettes. I absolutely LOVE palettes for their portability and variety. I’m constantly on the go, so having to only pack 1 or 2 palettes and still having a ton of possible eye looks is awesome. I first jumped on the Naked palette craze back in late 2011. I bite the bullet an bought the original Naked palette after months of trying to find dupes here and there. None of the dupes came close to the actual Naked palette. I instantly fell in love as soon as I swatched the first eyeshadow, which was Toasted J.  A few months later, Naked 2 was released. I told myself I didn’t need another one (That was a complete LIE! You can never have enough palettes! Lol). My boyfriend ended up getting it for me for Valentine’s Day after weeks of trying to convince me not to get it. Once again, I FELL IN LOVE! I was soooo excited and thought my makeup collection was finally complete (HA that statement will never be true)! After using these two palettes over the next year I started putting these palettes down for my shiny new palettes (particularly the LORAC Pro palette). Not that these palettes weren’t still awesome, I just wanted new toys to fall in love with! Well November 2013 helped me rekindle my love with my naked palettes! The Naked 3 was released right before Thanksgiving and I immediately ordered it when the email came in. I couldn’t resist! I just knew I would love this palette as much as my previous two. The BF actually got it for me as an early Christmas gift (isn’t he wonderful!) Thanks to my long standing love with these palettes, I’m able to bring you a complete review of all 3 today J.

Lets start off with comparing all 3. They’re all neutral toned palettes. I find them to be very versatile for many skin tones. As a WOC, I find that it is easy for eyeshadows to appear chalky even if their quality isn’t. I love that the eyeshadows in these palettes are creamy, pigmented, and easy to blend. I normally always use a primer, but even without one, these babies stay put! They last well past a full work day. I normally put my makeup on at 6:30 AM and leave it on until around 10 PM. I can attest to the fact that these stay put! I have experienced some creasing but that’s eliminated with a good primer! Each palette features 12 colors, many of which are exclusive to the palette. The Naked 3 features 12 completely new and exclusive colors. Each palette also comes with a brush and either a primer(s) or lipgloss. My only complaint about these palettes is that they don’t have enough matte shades! I know they came out with the Naked Basics, but I still feel that each palette could use at least  4-6 matte shades to compliment with blending these beautiful shades.

Lets break these down some more-

Naked 1 – This first palette is a bronze tone palette. It really compliments my skin tone. This palette leans on the warm side. To me, this palette has the best range out of the 3. The mattes in this palette are okay, but like all of the palettes it needs more. My favorite eyeshadows in this palette are Sidecar, Half Baked, and Toasted.

Naked 2 – The second naked palette is a taupe toned palette. It’s a cooler palette, so I have to work with
this palette a little more to compliment my warm skin tone. As much as I love the shade Half Baked, I hate that it is a repeat in this palette! I feel like it is just taking up space! I can say that for my skin tone, this palette has the best highlighting shade ever! I absolutely love Foxy on the brow bone and it blends beautifully! My favorite shades in this palette are Foxy, Chopper, Suspect, and YDK.
Naked 3 – Finally! My current love! The best thing since winged eyeliner and contouring! I absolutely LOVE this palette! It’s a rose toned palette that works well with any skin tone. It’s a good mix of warm and cool. Great blend of light and deep shades. Great mattes. Gorgeous lid colors. THE BEST NAKED SO FAR! Can you guys tell I love this palette?! These colors really pop against my brown eyes. This palette has an awesome color range! I love every color in this palette so it’s probably easier to list my least favorite colors: Dust and Limit. I don’t hate these colors. I’ll probably still get a lot of use out of them, but I don’t get butterflies in my stomach when I swatch them lol.

Overall -  I love all three. If I had to rank them it would be Naked 3 first, then Naked 1, then Naked 2. While I use the Naked 2 more than the original, I have to work with the colors a lot to get them to compliment me. If I had to only take one, surprisingly, it would be the original naked palette. I feel like you can get the most looks from this palette. Each palette is $52 and retails at Sephora, Ulta, Beauty.com, and Drugstore.com. Skip the whole deciding part, and get all 3! They’re worth it!


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